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10th June 2005

Summer begins

Thursday 10th June 2005: 2.18am. Ugh, I feel tired. I'm in the middle of yet another compile run of the Python bindings for my TnFOX library as slowly, oh so slowly, I tease out the bugs. Actual Tn coding won't start until this is finished, and I can only counsel myself that at least on this laptop compiling the bindings doesn't take so long - roughly a half hour. Unfortunately, linking still takes a good ten minutes so it's a 40-45 min build cycle.

On the other hand, I am only temporally tired. I was pretty emotionally drained by the time I finished exams with my grandfather unexpectedly dying in the middle of them and thus I had to attend the funeral though this merely threw more fuel onto a fire which was already burning pretty hot. Nevertheless, my exam results didn't suffer too badly and I got a first class honours in the first (before the funeral) and last exams - which led to a first class honours average for the second semester. That brought my year average to a 2.1 which is okay.

I ended up going on the tear that Thursday before we left with all the St. Andrews lot, then again two nights later when I got back here to Cork where it became a pretty messy night despite me passing out around 3am from exhaustion. Thereafter I took a week off - no coding, no reading, plenty of sleep and food, relaxation - though I did finish the Andrew Melville Hall Committee Website - and by this time last week I felt great, so much better. So obviously it became time to get to work, and those python bindings needed finishing so I thought it would be a useful little prequel to get me warmed up. Of course, it took far longer than I had anticipated ...

So, what else is going on? Well Johanna comes to visit sometime mid-July which will be great, and I go to visit her sometime end of August. And that's about it - that will be my summer break! Okay, off I go - be happy!

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