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StickyFront is an invaluable tool for Win32 based systems which allows you to "stick" a window to the front of other windows. It is suitable for Windows 95 or Windows NT (Win32 v4 or later) and will run on a 486DX2 or better with 16Mb RAM or more.

It is currently on alpha release, which means many bits of it don't work yet or properly (especially on Win95). However, instead of it being shareware (as the full release will be) this alpha version is freeware. The full release will be completed as and when I get around to it. Feedback to the address below would be appreciated!

    Features of StickyFront include:

  • Extremely small resource use. The main program code is only 30k in size and uses virtually no processor time
  • Adds a menu option to all system menus on all windows it can which may be ticked/unticked to apply stickiness (this feature only works on the second time the menu is requested on Windows 95)
  • A hotkey can be assigned to toggle stickiness on the foreground window (Not implemented yet)
  • User-configurable sounds can be played on stick/unstick (Doesn't work on 95 yet)
  • Full install/uninstall facilities (No install yet, and the uninstall doesn't work on 95)

You may download v0.04 (alpha!) of StickyFront here (54k).

Contact the webmaster: Niall Douglas @ webmaster2<at symbol> (Last updated: 08 July 2012)