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Basic2C is a portable command line utility to convert BBC Basic to ANSI C. It is marketed for Acorn RISC-OS by Clares Micro Supplies, and if you wish to purchase a copy please contact Clares on +44 1606 48511 or else email them on Please note that Basic2C will only run on Acorn machines fitted with RISC-OS 3.1 or greater (although possibly it may work on lesser versions of RISC-OS) and 2Mb of RAM or more. A hard disc is also a good idea, although not essential.

This is the unofficial support site of Basic2C, mainly because I (Niall Douglas) care about the program and want to offer support perhaps not easily available from Clares directly. Please note I will not enter into email support discussions unless Clares forward it to me first i.e.; approach them with support issues. Then if they feel it's appropriate they may forward it to me. You can contact Clares support on +44 1606 48511 or

If you wish access to ports of Basic2C or bug fixed versions of Basic2C, you are firstly required to register your ownership of a legal copy of Basic2C. To do this, fill in this form:

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Thank you for taking the time to fill in this form. You can expect your username and password to be verified in a few days time when you shall receive an email telling you where the registered Basic2C web site is located. Upon receiving this email you may use the registered Basic2C website as much as you wish!

You may be interested in what's currently available in the registered area:

The current version of Basic2C is v1.00. If you have an earlier version than this, please choose one of the following versions:
  • Update to b2c
    Fixes this bug and the other bug
  • Update to !b2cIDE
    Adds some functionality
  • Full release of version x.xx

Update versions do not supersede each other ie; you must download each and install to bring your copy of Basic2C up to the latest version. Full release versions are a complete copy of what is on your distribution disc.

You may be interested in builds of Basic2C for other platforms:

  • Win32 (x86) build, suitable for any machine capable of running Win32 (only 486 or higher). You must have the Microsoft run-time libraries installed on your machine (most do - if you are viewing this from an ActiveX capable browser). If you require the run-time libraries, click here to install them.

There are no other builds available as yet.

Meanwhile, this page is still under construction and many new things may be added at a later stage.

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